Quc High Performance grinding machine for shaped bar - 3G-MH

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Combo standard belt from TNV Engineers


3G Plus cooperated with TNV Engineers designs & manufactures many types of grinding and polishing machines for many difference applications.


- This Special design for bars, shaped metal (square, rectangle etc) surfaces highline grinding (mài xước) and polishing
- 100% machine parts were standardised and produced from CNC machining center which make machine stronger and stable operation as well as easily for maintenance.
- Workpice is automatically feeded via a belt integrated with machine.

Technical data

- Workpiece sizes: Square 10x10 đến 80x80 mm length 0.15 - 6m
                                    Bar Thickness/width 1-60mm length 0.15 - 6m
- Applicable materials: Carbon steel, stainless steel, aluminium, copper           
- Belt size: 80* 2000mm - 2200mm
- Motor: 2HP+200W - 2840 RPM 
- Input: 220V/380V; 50Hz       
- Belt speed:  25m/s
- Gross weight: 160kg

Machine Parts

(1) conveyor motor.
(2) Workpice roller pressure
(3) Adjustment
(4) Workpice roller
(5) Conveyor
(6) Abrasive belt change tricker
(7) Main motor
(8) Grinding roll
(9) Slider

Actual operation

More details, contact us via email info@tnvengineers.com
Call +84-33-2399293 for more request