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[tintuc]Covid 19 Pandemic have been strongly impacted to the world. It changes many things to the world, people, habits etc. Vietnam was out of pandemic. We almost control the spreading situation in community. That would the good point for Vietnam businesses. One of them are medical mask producing.

We current working with some local producing offer the good quality surgical medical mask.

Specification Surgical Medical Mask:

  • Approval: CE for MDD 93/42/ECC, ISO 13485:2016
  • Number of plies: 4
  • Viral filtering materials: Paper or cotton
  • Packaging: carton (50 pack per carton, 50 pcs per pack), standard export

For information, please contact us at: info@tnvengineers.com  or call +84-33-2399293 (English)

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Combo standard belt from TNV Engineers


3G Plus cooperated with TNV Engineers designs & manufactures many types of grinding and polishing machines for many difference applications.


- This Special design for bars, shaped metal (square, rectangle etc) surfaces highline grinding (mài xước) and polishing
- 100% machine parts were standardised and produced from CNC machining center which make machine stronger and stable operation as well as easily for maintenance.
- Workpice is automatically feeded via a belt integrated with machine.

Technical data

- Workpiece sizes: Square 10x10 đến 80x80 mm length 0.15 - 6m
                                    Bar Thickness/width 1-60mm length 0.15 - 6m
- Applicable materials: Carbon steel, stainless steel, aluminium, copper           
- Belt size: 80* 2000mm - 2200mm
- Motor: 2HP+200W - 2840 RPM 
- Input: 220V/380V; 50Hz       
- Belt speed:  25m/s
- Gross weight: 160kg

Machine Parts

(1) conveyor motor.
(2) Workpice roller pressure
(3) Adjustment
(4) Workpice roller
(5) Conveyor
(6) Abrasive belt change tricker
(7) Main motor
(8) Grinding roll
(9) Slider

Actual operation

More details, contact us via email info@tnvengineers.com
Call +84-33-2399293 for more request


After ten days working on first version of TNV Ventilator project, we finally introduce the alpha version (actually it was a bit late) which can start to testing. Please see our previous article here.

What we used:
- Aluminum structure design
- Acrylic sheet fabricated by laser cutting
- Electrical and control design from MIT project.

Our new report (Vietnamese): Download report from Drive

This is demonstration in videos





TNV Emergency Ventilator Project - using for emergency cases (Covid-19)

Covid-19 Pandemic has been effecting to many parts of life and business. All of businesses and people are trying to minimize the lost from this pandemic. 

In order to support our Vietnamese Government to fight against Covid-19. We ,TNV Engineers, have decided to temporarily change our machine design and production to new target. We will study and design the manufacture a simple Ventilator using for emergency cases. 

We have studied many projects around the world. And we finally select to concept and specificatinss calculation of MIT University (USA) and AmboVent 1690.108 (Israel). Both are project was support and approved by Governments. But we wil change the mechanical and electrical design which can be suitable for our situations and manufacturing conditions.

Our concept design (TNV Venticlattor using for emergency cases)

Our plan for this project:

  • Weeek 1 - From Apr. 1st to 7th: redesign and build the prototype
  • Weeek 2 From Apr. 7th to 14th: submit the prototype for doctors testing and approval for using in emergency cases. In the mean time, we redesign again for massive production.
  • Week 3 from Apr. 14th to 21th: To be ready for production.

On the other hand, we will keep updates information all projects around the world.!!

For any contact regarding project:
Trong Ngo (Mr.)
Mobile: +84-903-474894
Email: trong.ngo@tnvengineers.com


Product range

With engineering and production brackground, We are offering full range of abrasive products to Vietnamese customers. We are also offer the full package of grinding and polishing solutions, included machine and systems, materials and consultancy. We are also offering the abrasive converting services.

Above us

TNV Vietnam is a total solution provider for grinding and polishing works. In Vietnam, TNV Vietnam offer full range of coated abrasive products which orginned from China and Germany. What we are offer is
  • Consult, supply the grinding and polishing system. Mostly using belt
  • Supplying all kind of coated abraisve under brand of White Dove and Hi-Best.
  • Supplying coated abrasive converting services for manufacturer and trader.
More detail click here


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